Pastor Joe is Recovering Well

Pastor Joe is making good progress in recovering from his stroke. Doctors are ready to send him home. Please continue to pray for him as he makes further progress.

Looking for a New Coordinator

Bob will no longer be coordinating the monthly luncheons. We are now looking for someone to take over the position. If you are interested please speak with one of the deacons.

Plea for Volunteers

Joyce made a plea for volunteers to be substitute Sunday School teachers - the church also needs a volunteer(s) to handle the nursery room during the Sunday morning service.  The nursery has a large window giving a view of the Pastor and the congregation and I'm quite sure the service is piped into the room.  Anyone willing to volunteer for either position can leave their name and contact information by Clicking Here or can contact Joyce at the church. 

Mask Only Seating

A section of our pews is set aside specifically for those attendees wearing masks designed for Covid-19 protection.  This action has been taken in response to the large number of people that have indicated a desire to attend services at the church, but do not feel safe unless themselves and those seated near them are wearing the masks. 

Also, for those who would like to attend Sunday School but have the same concerns, a new Sunday School Class (only one) has been announced.  It is available for all ages to attend with the requirement that all attendees in the class wear appropriate masks.  All other Sunday School Classes will continue to meet as usual. 


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